Petite Zip Front Distressed Denim Mini Skirt 81640

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Skirts are the statement separate in every wardrobe This season it's all about having fun with your hemline. Mix it up in minis, midis and maxis or go matchy-matchy and co-ordinate with a crop top. Push the boundaries in pleated pastels and fondant shade full circle styles, updating with a holographic clutch for a cool colour clash. Flirt with the skirt for your favourite every day and evening ensembles.


Артикул 81640
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Бренд Boohoo
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Petite Zip Front Distressed Denim Mini Skirt. ✔ интернет-магазин girlway *** Тел: ✔ Доставка ✔ Гарантия ✔ Лучшие цены! Артикул № 81640 Купить, Petite, Zip, Front, Distressed, Denim, Mini, Skirt, женские, распродажа, дешево