Бронзатор Stila One Step - Рыжий ZBECO1676111

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One step bronze by Stila. Featuring an innovative triple formula system, it primes, bronzes and illuminates the skin, combining three luminous shades with a rich serum to reduces fine line and wrinkles, while it evens out the skin tone, minimising pores for a glowing complexion. О БРЕНДЕ STILA Approaching beauty with a laid-back attitude, make-up brand Stila offer a sophisticated collection of multi-tasking products and on-trend colours across their cosmetics range. Founded in the '90s, Stila embrace individuality and bring forth an array of professional performance lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers, across a contemporary colour collection.


Артикул ZBECO1676111
Категория Румяна для лица
Бренд Stila
Цвет рыжий

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